Wiederverwendbare Gefrierbeutel aus Silikon 900 ml

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  • Leak proof silicon freezer bags
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags
  • Sustainable and reusable
  • Suitable for microwaves and dishwashers
  • Great for food, fruit and vegetables
Variant: Wiederverwendbare Gefrierbeutel aus Silikon 900 ml
85,00 kr
Varianter: Wiederverwendbare Gefrierbeutel aus Silikon 900 ml
77,50 kr
85,00 kr
120,00 kr

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Produktinformation Wiederverwendbare Gefrierbeutel aus Silikon 900 ml

Once again, you took on more than you could chew - the pots are still full but you can not eat another bite. You can't even eat one more spoonful of your delicious vegan bolognese, but you certainly won't throw out what remains. Why not freeze a part of it to enjoy in a few days? And don't forget to leave out enough for lunch tomorrow! You just need somewhere to put the leftovers before freezing them, and that's where we come in: buy our silicone ziplock bags for a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic bags!

Freezer bags – our sizes

We have the right size for anything you need. Our smallest version holds 470 ml, followed by a 900 ml bag and our largest 1960 ml size. And if that is still not enough, you can use more than one bag, of course. If you want to freeze a whole vegetable or fruit, we recommend cutting it into pieces before. This makes it easier to portion the food when frozen and makes for a more efficient use of the bag sizes. Our bags are green but transparent, meaning you can see what is in the bags without having to open them. You can also label them with stickers if you want to be sure.

Reusable ziplock bag: freeze, don't throw out

In the European Union, an average of 179 kg of food are thrown out yearly per person! If we think that many places still suffer from famine and millions of people are underfed, it's even harder to look at this statistic. 40 % of the food thrown out comes from private households, meaning every individual household, including all of us, is responsible. This information comes from the EU-financed study "Preparatory study on food waste across EU 27". Every small step is progress and anyone can help. Sometimes its a banana or an apple, other times entire servings of food are throw away. But it doesn't have to be like that. One thing is conscious food shopping, using the food correctly is another one. Don't throw the food out but look at the big picture. Freeze your vegetables before they get moldy and freeze your leftover food instead of throwing it in the bin.

Buy KoRo's silicone freezer bags

Most bags for storing food are made of plastic. Even worse, they are often only used once. At KoRo, we obviously are not thrilled by that, so we decided to provide an environmentally friendly alternative and have decided on a silicone freezer bag. The bags are easily reusable and the environment thanks you. They are also dishwasher safe and can be put in the microwave! Through the convenient shape, they can easily be stored in your freezer, without the space limitations which a square box would create. Buy your silicone reusable freezer bags now and declare war on leftover food.

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Innehåll 1 STYCK
Tillverkare KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718290216
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Företag KoRo Handels GmbH
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Fragen & Antworten: Wiederverwendbare Gefrierbeutel aus Silikon 900 ml
Vi har tre olika storlekar för dig: 470 ml, 900 ml, 1960 ml. Så att du också kan hitta rätt väska för dig.
Ja, verkligen! Du kan värma maten i mikrovågsugnen utan problem och ställa den i diskmaskinen för att rengöra den. Det enda som är viktigt är att du öppnar påsen - om du ska sätta frysväskorna i mikrovågsugnen.
Nej - våra återanvändbara plastfryspåsar har en super stängning! Inget kan läcka ut, inte ens din soppa.
Våra återanvändbara påsar för alla ändamål är tillverkade av silikon - så det finns ingen plast eller andra okloka val.
Så enkelt är det: För att frysa in din mat och bekämpa problemet med avfall! Alltför mycket mat slängs fortfarande i stället för att bevaras. Frysningsalternativet håller maten fräsch i flera dagar - mycket längre än i kylskåpet!
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Anonym  | 31.10.2021

Cool idé, men inte så lätt att rengöra

Cool idé, men inte så lätt att rengöra

Var den första som markerar denna recension som hjälpsam
Anonym  | 31.07.2021

Superkvalitet och pris-prestandaförhållande

Superkvalitet och pris-prestandaförhållande

Var den första som markerar denna recension som hjälpsam

Gör din beställning fri från fraktkostnader! 🤑

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