Oils - More than just sunflowers, rapeseed and olives

Not all oils are the same. Here we explain to you which ones are good oils and we show you the great variety that nature has to offer us.We all know sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil. Possibly you also heard about linseed oil. But nature has a much greater variety to offer! We would like to support your creativity in the kitchen and have tested therefore different, exotic and regional oils, which are included in our assortment. Here you will find an overview of all KoRo oils.


Coconut oil

is a very well know oil. It is pressed from the flesh of the coconut palm and is perfect for frying and deep-frying food. It is particularly valuable because of its medium-chain fatty acids. In addition to its use in the kitchen, coconut oil can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

Hemp oil

is made from the seeds of the hemp crop. The seeds are peeled and pressed in an oil mill. It is a particularly high-quality oil, which has a very good fatty acid composition. Hemp oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but also vegetable substances such as chlorophyll or carotenoids. The oil has a characteristic nutty-tart taste which is perfect for refining salads, soups or for making spreads. But dressings can also be enhanced by the noble aroma.

 Walnut oil

is extracted from walnut kernels. The kernels are peeled, crushed and then gently pressed. Cold pressing preserves a large number of nutrients. Walnut oil is not only a fine oil to use in the kitchen, but is also used in cosmetic treatments or wood care. Walnut oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it has a low burning point, so it should not be heated. The oil is particularly aromatic and tastes delicious like nuts and herbs. The aroma is excellent with salads, soups, couscous or quinoa dishes. The oil can be used to conjure up true taste experiences from boring dishes.


Black cumin oil

is, as the name suggests, extracted from the seeds of real black cumin. This caraway seed is not very well known in Western cultures. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry because black cumin is said to have many healing properties. For this reason, the oil can be dissolved in tea or used for inhalation in case of discomfort. This oil consists of a large number of unsaturated fatty acids. It is rather unsuitable for frying and deep-frying, but it goes very well with fresh salads, soups or sauces. Black cumin oil also tastes wonderful on bread. Since black cumin seed is rich in essential oils, the taste of the oil is also very intense and slightly bitter. Therefore, it should be used sparingly.

 Argan oil

is pressed from the seeds or kernels of the argan fruit. The unroasted seeds are used for the oil in the KoRo shop. It is one of the most valuable oils in the world. It comes directly from Morocco, where argan farming has an important meaning. It contains a particularly high amount of unsaturated fatty acids and also plant substances such as phystosterols or ferulic acid. Besides the use in the kitchen, argan oil is also a noble ingredient in the cosmetic application. 

It is well suited for roasting and baking, but can also refine cooked or fresh dishes. The mild, slightly nutty and exotic taste goes particularly well with Moroccan or Arabic dishes.


Pumpkin Seed Oil

is pressed from unroasted pumpkin seeds. The fine pumpkin seed aroma is not lost during the process and can beautifully unfold. The oil is particularly rich in vitamin E. Therefore it has an antioxidative effect, protects the tissue and the cells, and strengthen the immune system. Heating of pumpkin seed oil should be avoided. It is all the more suitable as salad oil or for revaluing fresh food.


is the new trend oil at the moment! The medium-chain fatty acids it contains make the oil so special and valuable. The oil is of vegetable origin and is mainly extracted from the coconut. The oil is interesting for athletes, but also for people who need to deliver high performance, concentration or a high energy level.

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